Project Description

Kopiko 78ºC Mocharetta

Authentic Java coffee extract drink; obtained at a constant temperature of 78 degrees Celsius which is considered optimum to achieve the best flavour and scent from the grains.

The Mocharetta version comes with a touch of chocolate.

Bottle of 240 ml. Halal product.

Only available for sale in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.


Ice CoffeeIce Coffee


Nutrition Information Per 240 ml. (1 bottle)
Calories / Energy: 170 Kcal / 711,28 KJ
Of which are sugar
Of which are polyols
28 g
21 g
0 g
Of which saturated
Of which unsaturated
5 g
0 g
0 g
Protein: 3 g
Salt: 337 mg

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