Project Description

Honey Jelly

Soft and chewy candy made with natural ‘Millefiori’ honey and agar-agar, a gelling agent obtained from algae and therefore not from animal origin, ideal for people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle or cannot include certain animal products into their diet. Each piece has a weight of 7 grams, with no added colour or flavour.

There might possibly be traces of sulphites and sulphides.


Nutrition InformationPer 100 gr.
Calories/Energy:317,5 Kcal / 1328KJ
Of which sugars
Of which polyols
79,94 g
71,30 g
0 g
Of which saturated
Of which unsaturated
0 g
0 g
0 g
Protein:36 mg
Salt:0 mg

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