Project Description

Geriolín honey & lemon with propolis

Stevia is a well known natural sweetener, been used since long time ago in many cultures. It’s incredibly sweet, keep in mind this: it’s thirty times more sweet than sugar!

There is also a large list of benefits that made doctors recommend his daily consumption. Specially useful for those hypertensive people, since it acts as a hypotensive, cardiovascular and vasodilator. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, improves the resistance in front of a possible flu or cold and works like a bactericide to prevent tooth decay.

This and many other good reasons bet us to use stevia in all our sugar free products. Like Geriovit candies, the Geriolín family uses this sweetener to improve the next candy generation. With a touch of menthol and the antiseptic and fungicide effects of propolis, makes this sweet a total ally for the body’s defences against any type of colds.


Nutrition FactsIn 100 g.
Calories/Energy:235 Kcal / 980 KJ
Of which sugars:
Of which polyols:
Of which saturated:
Of which unsaturated:
Protein:< 0,5g
Salt:< 0,01mg

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