Compostable wrappers for coffee chocolates

One of the current challenges in which we all face, in all sectors, is to drastically reduce null or difficult recycling materials. In the confectionery sector, plastic and its derivatives are widely used to wrap products. In an effort to reverse this situation and take care of the environment, in Configiriona we decided to start using compostable wrappers. They can be deposited in the organic fraction container (or, if you have one, on a vermicompost) and that under the specific conditions of the composting degrades, forming a compost that returns to the environment.

Complimentary chocolates

The Skaty Oro crunchy chocolate ball and the Coffee Grain chocolate-coated coffee bean are the two chocolates chosen to initiate this change. A product and wrapping for all those facilities that promote (or want to) sustainability, ecology and respect for the environment.