Lemon or orange ginger candies

Several years ago, in our huge range of candies, we introduced an assortment of lemon and orange candy with natural ginger powder extract. The natural extract gives that spicy, sour and at the same time refreshing touch from the tuber.


Ginger contains, among many other nutritional properties, amino acids, fiber, essential oils and many minerals that can be used in some intestinal treatments, especially digestive. It’s a good ally for circulatory and respiratory problems. Possibly somebody told you to drink it to avoid dizziness, and it’s true. Otherwise, for convenience you can opt for the Gerió candies that carry natural ginger extract with a touch of lemon or orange. Both flavours do not contain any type of colouring.

Our ginger candies are a good way to take advantage of the active and beneficial principles of the tuber. Do not hesitate to carry some in your pockets, backpack or purse when you leave home.

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